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Rather, it's the cumulative effect of their simple daily habits. If you don't know where you want to go, you'll probably never arrive. So, it's crucial to spend a few minutes each day thinking about where you'd like to be one, five or even 20 years from now. Your goals will change, and that's a good thing. But it's easier to act strategically when you've thought about where you want your dreams to lead. Whether you've written it down or not, you have a to-do list. Do the tasks you're accomplishing truly contribute to your long-term goals? Nobody is percent productive, and that's OK.

But if you're working your tail off each day to become better at something you don't even want to be doing, that's a sign it's time for a change.

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Nobody does anything worthwhile alone, and asking for help, when done correctly, isn't a sign of weakness--it's a sign of respect. People enjoy being reminded that their knowledge and skills have value to others. Just ask politely, respectfully and on the other person's schedule. If the help leads to a positive outcome for you, make sure you express your gratitude.

Speaking of which, there are 17 items on this list.

How to Be Successful in Life [] | Brian Tracy

Can I ask for your help in figuring out No. Let us know your ideas in the comments, below. Not every interaction has to be profound; that would be exhausting. Extraordinary people recognize that they are just that--people. We're only human, and success however it's defined is never an overnight thing. Should you hold yourself to high standards?


Sure, but every day, give yourself a pass on a few things you did wrong, and for missing a few items on this list. You're looking for a general, rising slope in all things in life--not an uninterrupted and unrealistic sprint to the top.

Life is a journey, so keep a journal. You don't need to be a polished writer or even devote a lot of time to this; even a small effort can pay huge dividends as we'll see in item No. A top military leader who was working hour days in a time of crisis wanted to keep a journal. His solution?

5 Life Skills never taught by school teachers - Self Improvement & Personality Development Tips

Every day he wrote a single haiku poem describing what happened that day and how he felt. Everybody has crises of confidence; everyone has to learn to overcome fear of failure. The best ways to win are twofold, and we've already covered the groundwork on this list.

Powerful Goal-Setting Tips for Creating Your Extraordinary Life

First, engage with mentors. People who've been through similar challenges and inspire you and show you the way. Second, remember the challenges you've overcome in the past--say, perhaps, the things you wrote about in your journal. You did it then; you can do it now. Speaking of which Just as you sometimes have crises of confidence, so does everyone else around you. So, make it a point to compliment others, and to express your appreciation for what they do.

People who build great relationships think about what lies underneath so they can answer that question, too. Outgoing and charismatic people are usually a lot of fun When a major challenge pops up or a situation gets stressful, still, some people can't stop "expressing their individuality.

Life! By Design: 6 Steps to an Extraordinary You

People who build great relationships know when to have fun and when to be serious, when to be over the top and when to be invisible, and when to take charge and when to follow. Great relationships are multifaceted and therefore require multifaceted people willing to adapt to the situation--and to the people in that situation. People who build great relationships don't just think about other people.

They act on those thoughts. One easy way is to give unexpected praise. Everyone loves unexpected praise--it's like getting flowers not because it's Valentine's Day, but "just because. Take a little time every day to do something nice for someone you know, not because you're expected to but simply because you can. When you do, your relationships improve dramatically.

Responsibility is a key building block of a great relationship. People who take the blame, who say they are sorry and explain why they are sorry, who don't try to push any of the blame back on the other person--those are people everyone wants in their lives, because they instantly turn a mistake into a bump in the road rather than a permanent roadblock.

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  6. A great relationship is mutually beneficial. In business terms that means connecting with people who can be mentors, who can share information, who can help create other connections; in short, that means going into a relationship wanting something. The person who builds great relationships doesn't think about what she wants; she starts by thinking about what she can give. She sees giving as the best way to establish a real relationship and a lasting connection.

    She approaches building relationships as if it's all about the other person and not about her, and in the process builds relationships with people who follow the same approach. When someone speaks from a position of position of power or authority or fame it's tempting to place greater emphasis on their input, advice, and ideas. That's unfortunate. Smart people strip away the framing that comes with the source--whether positive or negative--and consider the information, advice, or idea based solely on its merits. People who build great relationships never automatically discount the message simply because they discount the messenger.

    They know good advice is good advice, regardless of where it comes from. I sometimes wear a Reading Football Club sweatshirt. The checkout clerk at the grocery store noticed it one day and said, "Oh, you're a Reading supporter? My team is Manchester United. Normally, since I'm pretty shy, I would have just nodded and said something innocuous, but for some reason I said, "You think Man U can beat Real Madrid next week?

    Now whenever I see him he waves, often from across the store. I almost always walk over, say hi, and talk briefly about soccer.

    What is a SMART Goal?

    That's as far as our relationship is likely to go and that's okay. People who build great relationships treat every one of their relationships that way. That's a lesson I need to take to heart more often. A customer gets mad. A vendor complains about poor service.