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Many versions of the game involve singing the song and walking around in a circle with joined hands, and falling or curtseying at the very end.

Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead by Lena Diaz

The most common American version of the rhyme usually goes something like this:. Ring-a-round the rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes! We all fall down.

Like many nursery rhymes and folk songs, many varieties exist. The posies would have represented the different flowers and herbs people carried to ward off disease. The origin in plague-era medieval Europe took root in popular culture. However, more recent folklorists argue that the connection between Ring Around the Rosie and the Plague is overstated, if not entirely incorrect.

Secondly, they argue that had the rhyme been born in that period, its lyrics would have undergone more radical changes. It managed to infiltrate academic discussions and scholars even repeated this metafolklore. Nevertheless, modern folklorists believe that the rhyme does not have a connection to the Black Death or any other historical plague. While folklorists still have not decided on a single true meaning of the rhyme, different versions of the rhyme in other languages may give us some clues.

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While they are not word-for-word translations, there are a number of very similar versions of the rhyme in a bunch of European languages. The German version of the rhyme, whose first written version predates the English one by nearly one hundred years, has the same played-out actions as the English version, but involves singing about an elder bush.

The Swiss version directly mentions a rose bush. Other versions, including the Dutch, Italian, and Serbian versions do just the same. Perhaps the metafolklore about the origin of Ring Around the Rosie suggests that we should be more aware of the various urban legends that circulate under the false guise of history. Last Updated On: May 28, No matter what type of household you grew up in or where you live in the US, nursery rhymes are a staple of many childhoods.

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