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This APTA article is a great place to start. Think of this as an opportunity to stick your toe in the cash-based services waters. This process is important because:. While there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to the credentialing process, these are some essential steps you can take to get the ball rolling, as adapted from this resource :.

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Learn more about insurance credentialing—and how to navigate potential pitfalls—by downloading our free guide to starting an outpatient practice. Sure, that open office space you drive by every evening might be calling your name, but before you go putting down an offer, you better do your homework. Not sure where to begin? He or she—along with a real estate attorney—will help you negotiate your contract so you get what you need in terms of lease length and landlord renovations.

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Per the APTA, here are a few other things to consider when looking for the right spot for your practice and defining the terms of your contract:. One more thing to consider: How much space do you really need? Or can you get your practice up and running in the to 1, square foot office for one-third the rent?

Not quite ready to nail down your own space? What services can you provide that will set you apart from your potential competitors? Look for similarities and highlight the experiences that are similar. For tips on marketing your niche, download this free guide to marketing your outpatient rehab therapy practice.

However, with a little proactive effort—and maybe just a tiny bit of luck—you can obtain the funding you need to get your practice-ownership dreams off the ground. Generally speaking, providers who are launching a new business can allocate their expenses into three categories:. Before you head to the bank, make sure you have the following documents in hand so the review process is as quick and painless as possible :. The whole point of a loan is to generate enough revenue to not only pay it back, but also cut enough of a profit that you can continue growing your business.

You might consider incorporating cash-based wellness services to boost your revenue cushion. For more insight into funding your new practice, download our guide to starting an outpatient practice.

What kind of equipment will you need to provide exceptional care for your patients? And with the Internet, you can quickly compare prices to save significant amounts of money.

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Here are just a few more benefits your new clinic will get with the right EMR:. Every reporting regulation— MIPS , the 8-minute rule , and the therapy threshold —has its own challenging set of requirements.

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But the right EMR will provide the support you need to remain compliant with all of them. Choose a true web-based not web-enabled EMR, and your patient data will be safe and secure—forever. Referrals drive a lot of new business for most physical therapists—whether they be from physicians or other patients. With an EMR, you can maximize those referrals by tracking how many you receive and from which sources.

Free marketing, anyone?

Plus, if your software touts robust patient relationship management PRM features, e. The scheduling tool also enables you to:. With larger health systems snapping up the little guys, it can be difficult to remain independent while also communicating with other providers seamlessly. Fortunately, if your software can integrate with other software platforms , you can:. But if your EMR has fully-integrated revenue cycle management RCM , you can rest easy knowing your claims will have fewer errors—and that means you get paid faster.

Still not sure why you should invest in the right EMR for your outpatient physical therapy clinic? Check out this article or this one. A business plan is a formal document that contains every detail about your business—including market assumptions; operations, sales, financing, and hiring plans; and your values and goals. This document will serve as the foundation for your business as well as the driver.

It will act as a baseline for monitoring your growth. According to this article on Entrepreneur. According to this Entrepreneur. In fact, Chief Executive Officer of EMSI Public Relations Marsha Friedman strongly recommends that you include a marketing budget—taking into consideration both time and money—in your business plan from the get-go. It stays with you forever. We thought this was craziness!

We knew that we needed to always be able to live on 1 income if we ever found ourselves in this situation. We bought based on those terms, not what our credit rating dictated.

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It is hard for me to straight up tell people not to go to acupuncture school. But when asked for feedback, I refuse to gloss it all up. People are going to make up the own minds at the end of the day and, if they decide to go, are a little more informed about the reality of it all. Thanks for sharing Sarah. Know that there are other prospective acu students out there taking note of our willingness to share details like this.

Part One: 3 Ways Senior Acupuncturists Are Wrong About Building A Successful Practice

I too, have ambivalent feelings about my acupuncture education and how I feel about people prospectively becoming students themselves.. Which is laughable. In the last couple of years though, I also started a family. Do prospective students think about this when agreeing to take on massive debt? Do they think about trying to buy a home on top of starting a practice on top of their debt? Do they think about having children and childcare and paying for thier college on top of a home and their acupuncture school debt?

Do people think about trying to have this semblance of a normal life when getting excited about loan forgiveness after not being able to make more than a tiny loan payment for years? Just another reality check for any soon to be students to consider! I have actually chosen not to get married to keep my loan payments reasonable, but I thought with the IBR I might consider it because I could file separately.

Makes sense that you are confused. This is why I wrote this blog. The underlying issue for any prospective acupuncture student is….

Making Acupuncture Pay: Real World Advice for Successful Private Practice

I hear you Skipper…not trying to single Shauna out when it comes to financial acumen. I really do wonder what folks are thinking though as they go down this road…. So to some extent, while the price was high, it was the price of my own freedom. I think their info states that their graduates on average make about 45K. You can spend 5K and become a nurseor a PT assistant. Hard to justify, no doubt. So if you both filed single would you be paying less in taxes as a couple than married filing separately?

My question really is, should I avoid marriage, or would it actually help me spend less once I figured in taxes? I read something that if one is married file separate they cannot get the student loan interest deduction, are there other issues like that which make it more cost effective to remain single than married.

Obviously, there are problems like this marriage penalty that need to be addressed. Everyone, your loans affect your life, stay informed and speak up for change! To clarify, what I read said it affected the ability to get the interest deduction only if married filing separately, if filing jointly there was apparently no problem.

Adding herbs increases the price as at other schools. Jung Tao runs a 4 year program at under 40K acc to their website. Shauna is co-author on a paper that is set to be published in the American Acupunturist in June. This is a seminal publication that reviews workforce survey outcomes from LAcs. The truth about AOM student loan debt is bleak. Our findings suggest it is getting worse. This is not a secret among private for-profit schools in general. In fact, the growing failure of students ability to pay off their huge loans who attend such schools is a national focus.

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  4. If workforce data were transparent you could see it right away like when you visited the campus financial advosor!