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Just know…its a fun process to be a part of! Great question!

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Dog’s Best Friend Duck In Search Of A Name

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This kind of call must be expensive, how much does a Man's Best Friend call cost? This is what our business model is based on! Pure and simple…our passion is waterfowling. We have been hunting birds since we were about 10 years old and have ever since. Thats nearly 33 years of enjoying this sport and what the sport has offered us for creating memories and good times.

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His was a East Indie, big size difference. As they grew together, they were great buddies. My Cayuga turned out to be a female and the East Indie was a male.

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Eventually my friend wanted his duck, and i felt terrible. They were the best of friends.

Once those ducks were big enough, i gave my friend his East Indie. It took a little bit of time for my Cayuga to develop new relationships, but she eventually did. Now she is best buds with one fawn runner and i think she also enjoys having all the other ducks all females as companions. What i can say is that ducks are very emotional critters and really need to have a friend or friends. Ducks grow pretty quickly so ordering ducklings isn't out of the question. Like you, i had concerns about bringing in any possible diseases.

My Friend Duck | Angus & Robertson

However, i think ducks are much more resistant to disease, so an adult duck isn't out of the question. Whatever you decide, much luck to you and let us know how it goes. Nov 27, Post 9 of Thank you so much Enchanted Sunrise Farms! I do feel bad for Bonnie; she tells me her sad story everytime she spots me outside. She keeps calling for Clyde and looking for her. I want to find her a friend and checked a national duck rescue website, but it basically just directed me to their facebook page which I'm not able to type on until I'm "friended".

I do have a question about introducing a new duck I would be introducing in cold weather Wisconsin. The last couple days the birds have all stayed in the coop for the most part, with a few minutes here and there for outside fresh air in their dog run.

I am wondering how to put a new girl in "cooped" space I don't think I can just "plop" another bird in there and think everything will be ok. Nov 27, Post 10 of You mentioned getting a rescue, check petfinder. In my area alone there are chickens, goats, cows and such.

So maybe you could find one on there that needs adopting. Good Luck with your search.. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. BackYard Chickens is proudly sponsored by:.

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