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If correct, this would lead to many potential consequences during the development of the universe, such as other phases of matter, particles staying massive in primordial plasma, and new possibilities for explaining the matter-antimatter asymmetry. The theory also highlights how the history of the universe could be very counterintuitive compared to many phenomenon on earth that demonstrate symmetry restoration. Explore further. More from Other Physics Topics. Please sign in to add a comment. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. Read more.

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    First observation of native ferroelectric metal Jul 05, Jul 05, Jul 04, Electric potential difference between a battery's terminal and the ground 15 hours ago. Curl of Polarization in a bar electret Jul 05, Atmospheric CO2 absorption - actual quantification? What is earth's exosphere's composition? Will graphene becomes a wonder material for future inventions?

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    Feb 11, The energy described in the following article at the scale of our Universe's super-supermassive black hole is dark energy. This energy is delivered to the surrounding gas, and leads to large outflows of matter, which stretch for hundreds of thousands of light years from the black holes, reaching far beyond the extent of their host galaxies.

    As ordinary matter falls toward the super-supermassive black hole it evaporates into dark matter. It is the dark matter outflow which pushes the galaxy clusters, causing them to move outward and away from us. The dark matter outflow is dark energy. Report Block.

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    I offer an explanation for dark matter and dark energy that also explains the behavior of Oumuamua. I paste an abstract here along with a link to my article on this. ABSTRACT Galactic rotation rates, the distribution of matter in the early universe shown by the scale of anisotropies in the CMB, and cosmological expansion present problems that current theory attempts to resolve by positing dark matter and dark energy.

    This paper posits that gravitational force is a dampened wave function dependent upon mass and distance.

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    Therefore gravity reverses at regular dampened intervals. This reversal would also be in effect at smaller scales such as our own solar system, implying that current theory may have overlooked evidence of this in the data from various probes that have been launched. Da Schneib. This is like a "theory" that when you drop things out of windows they don't actually fall.

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    This one I don't buy. Nice that someone's looking into it but I hope they're not too credulous. Once assembled, the interdisciplinary research team took a more nuanced approach to human evolution than usual. In other words, to come to their new view of evolution, they had to step outside the boundaries of their specific fields and collaborate.

    Each of the disciplines represented in the research group has a particular culture, ways of thinking, various methodologies and data sources. Separately, each discipline has come up with its own conclusions about human evolution. But together, they developed a holistic, rather than fractured, view, Scerri explains. Basically, the team needed to put everything, including common assumptions in their fields, up for debate. That was the best way to resolve conflicting theories and develop a cohesive view of the various findings.

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    4. So, the researchers met for three days and hashed out ideas head-to-head. To integrate the work of so many different scientists and put together all the different findings, the team had to develop a common language. As a team, the researchers weaved their different theories into a cohesive story that makes more sense and accounts for complexity. With this latest paper, scientists have done just that, shifting our view on our African origins and upending the single human birthplace story.