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Fun Friday!! As a parent you are invited to attend! We received a grant to purchase an AED cabinet for each nurses office in our district which are mounted in an accessible area. Ready to ROCK this test! Some of our teachers supporting National Autism Awareness Day! Two classrooms battled through multiple steps to determine the champion book for each class. Each round, the requirements increased in difficulty. Today, both classrooms presented in the final round to determine the grand champion.

Charlotte's Web won by a narrow margin over Harry Potter. Kinsley July and Trevor McGraw presented in front of their peers in the final round.

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April is School Library Month. Thank you, Mrs.


Bibbs, for always making library exciting. Fields' class is having fun learning today with "Roll it With Cream. Fields' class learned about liquids and solids in a chilling way today with "Roll it With Cream. Brook's class is ready to whoop up on the test. NWEA started off right with the Freshman basketball players conference champs coming to encourage our 2nd graders to do their best work!

Third grade is working hard to master fractions! Here Mrs.

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Testing days March 26th-April 5th! Snack Day is Friday, March 29th! March Book Madness update: Mrs. We are down to our top four books that we will continue to vote on after Spring Break! What book will win it all? I wish they knew how big of an impact they have on these students! Heather for teaching us some really cool stuff! The performance was wonderful and the sets were awesome!

Thanks for a great show!! We had the pleasure of having some 9th grade football players and Coach Gunter come over this morning to read with our 2nd graders! The students were very excited!!

The students worked together to find out how to make their bridges stronger whenever they failed to hold up crayons. The set was great and the actors were even better! The students really enjoyed their field trip today! Parents be sure to ask who their favorite character was! Field's 2nd grade class. Congratulations, Sydney! Keep up the hard work! Out of 1, classrooms across the nation, and 13, students that played in a national SumDog competition this past week, we had a student in 4th grade make top 10 in the nation!

Sarah Caradine, from Mrs. McGhee's class placed 6th overall. Congrats to Sarah! Nail kicked off Mrs. The kids were so excited to have him visit and are so excited about the tournament of book to come! On Friday our students listened to a presentation from 1st Electric called Making Accidents Disappear. Congratulations to our February student's of the month! The students sorted, graphed, and analyzed their data. Increase our school's chances of winning by entering the Sweepstakes at gonoodle.

After you enter, be sure to play the new video, Sweet Georgia Brown!

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Today Mrs. Willis' students are conducting research about Dr. Curtis and Mrs. Runyon is reading to our 2nd graders while they eat breakfast and their teachers are in PLCs. TODAY is the last day to shop the book fair online! Thank you Jr. BPRD ontheroadtosuccess. Yesterday Mrs. Jodie's classes had a combined Valentine's Day party!

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It was awesome to see the excitement between the two classes! They had a mission packet full of challenges to complete to break the evil spell of Squirmy Wormy! Mission accomplished!! They had to create a shape out of other shapes with a group. Each group celebrated when they figured out how to solve the challenge!! They make our students feel loved every day!!

Fun was had by all You can still order online by clicking here. Bentley Davis from Mrs. The book fair will remain open until Thursday night to make up for missing family night Tuesday night!

The Neil Jordan series that isn’t: film-maker disowns Riviera

There will be snacks, prizes, and games! Come join the fun! January Student of the Month! Pizza orders can now be turned in Wednesday! Those kids have some moves! Independent reading is so much more fun with a buddy! White's class sings along to a song about fractions. I unlock doors by p. Bass, Bell, Price, White and Allinder. Julien, from Mrs. Fields class is reading a book to the class that he wrote.

Ussery's 3rd grade class is researching prominent people in the Black History community and will then create a poster and present it to the class. Jodie's class working with Mrs.

The Neil Jordan series that isn’t: film-maker disowns Riviera

McAfee to sort kind and unkind deeds! Students are using Fusion to build models of simple machines. Thank you Coach Chris Gunter our new high school football Coach for recognizing our school counselors during National School Counselors week with a treat from Sonic!

Almost book fair time at Beebe Elementary! Let's keep the kindness going! Click on the link to find more information. Online shopping begins this Friday, Feb. The book fair opens in the library next Wednesday, Feb. Information about family nights coming soon! Kindness counts Elementary administration participates in the Great Kindness Challenge. Kindness Week: Kindness Counts Day Teachers at Beebe Elementary lead by example! Here is a checklist to get the entire family involved in spreading kindness this week!

Tomorrow is "Kindness Counts" - wear something with numbers! We have challenged everyone at Beebe Elementary to give someone they don't a high five tomorrow! Help encourage your child to do this! Valentine's Day Candy Gram order forms are being sent home today! Just a reminder that we do not allow outside gifts on Valentine's Day.

This is a good way to send students, teachers or friends a gift. We would also like to thank the parent volunteers for helping deliver all the pizza! Brown, school counselor, is teaching a lesson on acts of KINDNESS that builds others up and on how we should treat others the way we want to be treated.