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Good, said Damell, sounding less harsh. Her dark eyes exuded the usual melancholy, as if they hid a strange and mysterious secret that could never be revealed. Seated beside her, Charmer of Snakes fidgeted with the hem of his garment as his eyes darted nervously back and forth. Rhuna continued to scan the sad and solemn faces until she reached her little daughter and the mysterious little man known as Hari Tal.

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To the Dreaming Place! Shandi repeated happily as she smiled at Rhuna and then at Hari Tal. She recalled how he had appeared so insignificant that she almost overlooked him completely at first, but now Rhuna suddenly saw him in a very different light. Suddenly, Rhuna saw menace between his narrow eyelids, and his face appeared contorted in a sinister expression. Who are you? You will know soon, he said at last, and Rhuna felt her blood run cold at the hatred in his voice. What do you want? What have you done to my daughter? To Shandi? Why does she think that the Land at the Top of the World is her home, when she has never even been there?

You find out soon, repeated Hari Tal flatly. Uncanny silence fell heavily upon the interior of the RTE, and Rhuna stared straight ahead at the white mountain tops on the horizon. So, are we going to talk about it? Or are we going to pretend that nothing happened? Rhuna turned her head to look at the ten startled faces behind her, waiting for someone to answer. Is it a catastrophe to destroy the Dark Master and his minions, when they caused such extensive harm and destruction to the innocent? Goram asserted loudly. Kill bad men! It a good thing!

Panapu interjected, his big bald head nodding with firm conviction. Rhuna recalled her first meeting with Panapu when he was a loyal soldier in the Army of The Reigning One of Safu, and she wondered whether he had personally killed any enemies during his long service.

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You have intentionally caused the destruction of an entire city by Atlan powers! Damell thundered, glaring first at Rhuna and then at Goram. Such deliberate misuse of Atlan knowledge cannot be excused! When should Atlan power be used, if not for the protection of innocent ones? Goram shot back.

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Innocent ones were killed in this massive explosion! Damell shouted as he swung his pointed hand towards the rear window of the RTE.

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Rhuna saw the giant mushrooming cloud gently disperse in the upper atmosphere, and her heart thudded heavily as she recalled the intensely bright flash of light followed by a horrifying rumble which violently shook the RTE. Only a few were innocent, and it was a necessary sacrifice to rid the world of the Dark Ones! Goram protested firmly. Kiana gently shook her head at Damell as if to rebuke him for speaking harshly. Explain to your mother what has transpired, Damell said to Rhuna, trying to speak less sternly. Rhuna beckoned her mother to sit closer to her so that she could relate everything in the Zao language.

Kiana quickly rose to her feet and approached Rhuna, eager to understand the recent events which caused such a heated exchange of words.

Is it about that big cloud behind us? Kiana asked as she lowered herself on the seating pad next to Rhuna. Like a big storm that destroyed the whole city of Judharo, she added. Oh-h, Kiana gasped and then turned to look out of the rear window at the giant cloud. But why is Damell so angry? Because I caused it. Goram and I, Rhuna replied. We did something to the great white pyramid in Judharo so that it exploded and destroyed everything around it. Kiana asked puzzled, and then realization struck her. Because of those Conjurers and the bad things they were doing! She marveled at the strong, calm sound of her own voice while inside she trembled with fear that her actions had permanently damaged all her relationships and her entire future. The Land is called Sem Lungpa, said a voice behind her, and Rhuna gasped when she realized that Hari Tal had understood their conversation in the Zao language.

How do you know the Zao language? Rhuna wanted to know. Only people on the small and faraway island of Chinza speak this language, Rhuna continued when Hari Tal remained silent. How can you possibly understand it? I understand everything, came the glib reply, and then the little brownish man turned his attention to Shandi again. Rhuna shifted the lever that controlled the magnetic pulse which made the Rapid Transport Enclosure weightless, and then looked out the front window to see the mountain ranges drop underneath their vehicle.

Rhuna looked at her husband and once again experienced the deep, wrenching pain of losing his love. The prospect of reversing this unbearable situation with the help of Masters with special powers was the only reason she continued this journey to the Land at the Top of the World. Oh, look! Rhuna caught her breath as the jagged mountain peaks passed underneath them to reveal a vast tundra of undulating green and yellow plains reaching far into the distance. Rhuna exclaimed. She heard the movements of her family and friends as they also stood to look through the row of front windows.

For a moment, her anxiety abated as she watched the calm and welcoming scenery unfold in front of her. Din-Din, I want to see! He quickly swept her up into his arms so that she could see out the window. Now go in that direction, Hari Tal directed, startling Rhuna once again with his slithery and unpredictable ways.

She carefully pulled one of the levers to adjust the output of electromagnetic impulses on the sides of the RTE so that the craft altered its course slightly. As the RTE slowed, Rhuna watched the plateau underneath them suddenly give way to a gaping abyss, and she instinctively gripped the control levers tightly.

Rhuna stared at the stunning landscape, her imagination stretching to grasp the immense depths and rugged canyon walls. Her mind faltered for a moment when she recognized houses and small paddocks etched into the sheer rock face of the deep valley. Go down here!

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The RTE rocked as its forward momentum stopped, and the standing passengers swayed and flailed to stay upright. Rhuna took a deep breath to calm herself and focus on the delicate procedure of landing a Rapid Transport Enclosure. She listened to the humming sound of the energy generator as it gradually reduced its output, and then turned around to look through the glass window in the floor.