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Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic. Share on: Facebook Twitter. Originally, the only weapons owned by the Cybermen of Pete's World were their electrified hands , TV : Rise of the Cybermen but they later gained a small wrist-mounted energy weapon.

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These wrist blasters could easily kill humans from a distance, even if they were wearing armour. They were mostly ineffective against Daleks. To keep victims from escaping, the Cybermen eventually equipped their heads with tranquilliser darts to sedate them. TV : Nightmare in Silver , The Time of the Doctor They could even destroy fellow Cyberman and emit an electric pulse from their hands that could knock a human out for a period of time. Cybermen made survival their central objective.

World War II and documentaries

Since they could not reproduce naturally, they needed to create new members of their population through cyber-conversion. At times they tended to focus on converting the population of Earth, at other times on simply destroying it. TV : The Tomb of the Cybermen. Cybermen tended toward covert activity, scheming and using human or other agents, cybermats or androids to act as their proxies until they deemed it necessary to appear themselves.

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  • Throughout their history, Cybermen, for the most part, lacked individuality or names. This was a result of their emotions being removed during the conversion process. TV : The Tenth Planet , et al. A Cyber-Leader. Cybermen in positions of authority included the ground level Cyber-Leader who commanded a group of ordinary Cybermen. Immobile computer -like Cyber-Planners would sometimes make decisions and long-term plans.

    Cybermen no longer possessed emotions and viewed them as a weakness. However, several of the Cyber-Leaders displayed characteristics that could be linked to emotions such as anger, amusement, and, at times, smugness. When they re-emerged after the Cyber-Wars, the Cybermen appeared to be truly emotionless, although the Cyber-Planner " Mr Clever " displayed personality.

    TV : Nightmare in Silver The Cybermen that evolved on a Mondasian colony ship were also emotionless, although Bill Potts showed anger and sadness in her cyber-converted form. Being the product of parallel evolution , the Cybermen were "inevitable", "always get[ting] started" wherever there was people. According to some accounts, the inhabitants of Telos sought to achieve immortality with cybernetics.

    They gradually replaced parts of their bodies with machinery until they reached the point where they replaced their brains with computers. These first Cybermen became aware of their lack of love and emotion and found a new goal: power. Various other sources indicated that Mondas was the birthplace of the Cybermen.

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    The Sixth Doctor watches the Voord evolve into the first Cybermen. According to one account, the Cybermen were originally an aquatic species known as the Voord. The Voord were fused with bodysuits which telepathically linked the entire race. Through experimentation with a worldshaper , they quick-evolved their bodysuits into full-fledged Cybersuits.

    With this change, they renamed their homeplanet Marinus to Mondas. An ape-servant of the Lizard Kings. They used their technology to augment Mondasian apes into ape-servants. An ape-servant was sent through the cosmic cloud to investigate and it was captured by the Cybermen of the future. With the Lizard Kings hibernating in the Dark Continent , the ape-servants evolved into early Cybermen. They used leftover cyberfication machinery to convert regular Mondasians into Cybermen.

    An ape-servant from the past crashed on Mondas after coming through a cosmic cloud. It was captured and studied by the Cybermen, who sent a scout through the cloud to investigate if there were more apes there that could be converted into Cybermen. A glyph depicting the final battle between the Cybermen and Golgoth.

    The Cybermen came in a series of conflicts with remnants of the Lizard King empire. Along the way there, they were attacked by Sea Devils. For the next years, the Mondasians developed an Earth -like society on Mondas. At an unknown point, a colony ship was created to ferry Mondasians to another world.

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    It became trapped in the orbit of a black hole. Engineers were sent to floor to reverse the engines. However, the black hole cause a time dialation effect, slowing time at floor 0. The lower floors of the ship experienced thousands of years in the space of a few minutes for the upper floors. The engineers were unable to return and stayed there. He was forced into hiding as Razor, the caretaker of the hospital. TV : The Doctor Falls Eventually, conditions at the floor became uninhabitable, and the hospital began to work on Operation Exodus, transforming people into cyborgs to lead an expedition to the upper decks.

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    The cyborgs would go and lead people to the hospital to be converted. Eventually, the Twelfth Doctor , trying to rehabilitate Missy , went to the ship. When Missy, Nardole , and Bill Potts arrived, the cyborgs detected Bill's life signs and ascended up the lifts. Jorj shot Bill, but the cyborgs arrived and took her to the hospital, where she was fitted with a chest unit. There, she made friends with Razor, and stayed there for ten years before he tricked her into going to the conversion theatre , where she was converted into the first fully functional Cyberman.

    Eventually, they were defeated by the Doctor, who blew up the fuel lines below, incinerating them, while the residents of the floor escaped to Floor An early Cyberman precursor. About years after the end of the previous Cyberman civilisation, Mondas reached the zenith of its orbit away from Earth. Carvings detailing the history of Mondas show the transition into Cybermen.

    At some point, the Mondasians created the Central Committee of Mondas by plugging 20 of their "Greatest Thinkers" into a computer. Eventually, the Mondasians constructed a propulsion system to pilot the planet and drafted in people to install it. They were forced to augment them to survive in the harsh conditions of outer space. They were also forced to remove their emotions, as the processing drove them insane. The cyber-conversion succeeded, producing the first modern Cybermen.

    However, the first Cybermen's bodies would reject the implants, which would kill them. Those flaws was corrected when the Fifth Doctor who had arrived on Mondas with Nyssa , had an biological analysis done on him. In the scan, they discovered an extra brain lobe that only Time Lords had. This feature was then recreated in the Cybermen, rectifying those flaws.

    The Doctor Who Quiz Book The 1st Dr Edition

    Horrified at his unwitting part in the creation of the Cybermen, the Doctor destroyed the Committee who by now had become the first Cyber-Planner , and was now bent on converting all Mondasians by pouring wine into their Nutrient Vats, and reprogramming a swarm of Cybermats to feed off their electricity, killing them.

    His efforts were, ultimately, in vain as eventually all of the Mondasians underwent forced cyber-conversion. Zogron was one of the first Cybernauts to leave Mondas.