Manual The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two

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The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two

The whole original debate over the Constitution is laid out here in detail for all to see. But most Americans have never read them. Because they were written in the florid and complex language of 18th century politics. Now the Federalist Papers have been translated into modern American English.

If you can read a newspaper, you can now read the Federalist Papers. See how the Founding Fathers foresaw the problems of impeachment, of corruption in government, of representation and all the other headline-grabbing issues we read about today!

This new edition is indexed for today's political issues, a feature found no where else! The Clinton Impeachment? Regulatory excess? Bumbling bureaucracy? Gun control? Just see the index and find out what the Federalist Papers say about it! A publishing event of major importance! Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published July 4th by Merril Press first published May More Details Original Title. Other Editions 2.

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The Federalist Papers in Modern Language: Indexed for Today's Political Issues

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Union and dividing the country into several confederacies. Overstedt 2. We must also consider it thoroughly for each other; they should never be split into a number of and seriously. Government is indispensable to civil society; to assure As citizens, we enjoy the same national rights, its success, we must all give up some of our rights.

As a nation we have made Therefore, we must consider whether it would be in our peace and war, defeated enemies, formed alliances and best interests to be one nation, with one federal made agreements with foreign states. At that time, there was little room for calm, mature inquiry Each State retains its sovereignty, freedom, and and thought required to form a wise, well-balanced independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to government for a free people.

We should not be surprised the United States, in Congress assembled. Still attached to Union and liberty, we saw Constitution], and all other powers vested by this the immediate danger to the former and the more remote Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in risk to the latter. Persuaded that only a wisely framed any department or officer thereof.

In a time of peace, attainder, ex post facto law or law impairing the obligation unoccupied by other subjects, they consulted for many of contracts, or grant any title of nobility. Article I, Section 10 1 of the United States Constitution months and finally — unawed by power and uninfluenced No State shall, without the consent of the Congress, lay by any passion except love of country — they presented any imposts or duties on imports or exports, except what and recommended their joint, unanimously-approved plan may be absolutely necessary for executing its inspection to the people. No State shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any Experience teaches us not to be too optimistic.

America, rather than detached, distant territories, is If we had reason to rely on that inexperienced, little- one connected, fertile, wide-spreading country. To preserve and perpetuate it was the reason to language, professing one religion, attached to one set of form the convention, and it is also the purpose of the government principles.

We are very similar in our proposed plan. Why, then, are some men depreciating its manners and customs. Together, fighting through a long importance? Why do some suggest that several and bloody war, we have established liberty and confederacies would be better than one? I believe the independence. Overstedt 3. Overstedt 4.

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  • We have long acknowledged number and weight of real and perceived causes that the need for unity under one federal government, with provoke them. If true, will more or fewer war causes enough power to fill all national purposes. Public safety relates to many direct attacks. America already has treaties with at least situations and problems, which gives great latitude to six foreign nations, all except Prussia are maritime, and those trying to define it precisely and thoroughly.

    No State shall engage in any war without the consent of Once established, a good national government can — the United States in Congress assembled, unless such State be actually invaded by enemies, or shall have more easily than a town or State — draw on the time and received certain advice of a resolution being formed by talents of the best men in the country to serve and man- some nation of Indians to invade such State, and the age it. This will benefit other nations, as well as our own. Article VI of the Articles of Confederation As a result, deliberate and accidental insults will have All charges of war, and all other expenses that shall be far less impact on a single, national government than on incurred for the common defense or general welfare, and allowed by the United States in Congress assembled, shall several lesser ones.

    Not one Indian war has The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, been caused by aggression by the present federal duties, imposts and excises, to … provide for the common government, feeble as it is; but several bloody Indian defense … [of] the United States; Article I Section 8 1 of the United States Constitution attacks have been provoked by improper conduct of To declare war … individual States.

    Article I Section 8 11 of the United States Constitution Quarrels between States and adjacent Spanish and To raise and support armies … British territories would be limited to those border areas.

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    It will also act with less passion than pride-filled militia, and for governing such part of them as may be local and State authorities and will not need to justify all employed in the service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively the appointment of officers, and the actions or acknowledge, correct or repair errors and authority of training the militia according to the discipline offenses.

    And it can use moderation and candor to prescribed by Congress; consider and decide on proper means to extricate the Article I Section 8 16 of the United States Constitution beleaguered State from foreign challenges. Besides, a strong, united nation will more likely accept ————————————————————— acknowledgments, explanations, and compensations than one of the thirteen States. Overstedt 5.

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    Overstedt 6. Leave America divided giving or taking offense that can lead to hostilities. If one was attacked, they can gain from it. Absolute rulers attack for the sake would the others spend their blood and money in its of military glory, revenge, ambition or commitments to defense?

    The Federalist Papers (FULL audiobook) - part (1 of 12)

    They and other European nations would celebrate our Article II of the Articles of Confederation failure in navigation and shipping, because our success, if The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect any, will be at their expense. As might China and India, each of them against invasion, and on application of the who once sold us goods that we now supply ourselves. The history of the Greek states abounds with such In response, Spain shuts us out of the Mississippi and instances and, under similar circumstances, we would Britain out of the Saint Lawrence, and both bar us from probably do the same.

    This is why other Even if, say, New York would be willing to help an nations are jealous and uneasy. Who would command the any time.