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Camps Events. Search by keyword, title, author, isbn, etc. We have added these items to your cart. Summary Total Items in cart Cart items subtotal. Continue Browsing Proceed to Checkout. About this Item Description Specifications Show more Calvin Miller introduces six types of Celtic prayer that teach you how to pray out of the circumstances and uncertainties of your own life.

With traditional examples of each type of prayer, the book also includes a historical and spiritual overview of Celtic spirituality. Item Number Length 8. Your email has been sent. We're sorry, an error occurred. Please see below for details. Please enter a valid email address. Personal Message.

The Path of Celtic Prayer an Ancient Way to Everyday Joy by Miller Calvin

This field is required. Send me a copy of this email. Send Email. Oops, unable to copy. Get Welcome Offer. Need Help? Chat Select an option and chat directly with a member of our support team. Order and Product Support. So although there is no doubt at all that we have been and are greatly informed and greatly inspired by aspects of Celtic spirituality, we are not a Celtic Community. So when we talk about the Celtic church it is synonymous with the monastery, with people living in Community. This is a celebration of ordinariness and an earthed humanity.

They believed that nothing was secular because everything was sacred. They saw God in and through things rather than direct visions. There was no false divide between the sacred and secular. Where an integrated life, of body and soul, work and worship, wonder and ordinariness; prayer and life are the norm. An everyday spirituality of ordinariness accessible to all.

Morning Prayer - an extract from the DVD Lindisfarne - a cradle of Christianity

Never anti —intellectual it was an earthed spirituality that met people where they were. In everyday happenings and ordinary ways, so that we have prayers for getting up, lighting the fire, getting dressed, milking the cow etc. For the Community it is engaging in mission out of a context of being in the monastery. It is freedom to be, to embrace intentional uselessness and waste time with God.

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This is exemplified by the Ebb and Flow of the tides of Holy Island. Aidan chose Lindisfarne because it reminded him of Iona but also because it reminded him of the need for the cell and the coracle, being and doing, monastery fuelling mission, seeking God in the heart in order to better serve God in the world. The Nether Springs spoke of the tide coming in, enclosure, seeking God and facing self in the cell. The Upper Springs spoke of the tide going out, encounter, the initiatives of the Spirit in the coracle.

Life was seen as a pilgrimage. Moving into the unknown as well as the known, wandering for the love of Christ wondering for the love of Christ too aware that our God is a God of surprises. Mission is a mixture of going, staying, moving on, doing, being, excitement, mundane in the home and market place. Finding God at work in the everyday ordinariness of life as it is. Hospitality of Heart. Welcoming God into their hearts each day but also welcoming others because that person could be Christ.

When Cuthbert went to his Inner Farne solitude he built a guest room for God. Hospitality was seen in care for the poor.

King Oswald gave many gifts to Aidan but he in turn shared them with the ordinary people, including a horse given away and a silver plate melted down, broken up and distributed. If they were heathen, he invited them to embrace the mystery of faith and be baptised.

How Miller Got Started

If they were already believers, he strengthened their faith. It was seen in an all embracing welcome of people as people, not seeing labels or sex or denominations as we often see today.


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Women were truly equal and were often valued leaders e. Hild, Brigid, Ebba. A further example is that in this period inheritance law came through the maternal line. Love of nature. An awareness of the unity of creation. They were aware of the Cross over Creation. That God was to redeem the whole created order.

This was seen in the quiet care of all living things and a special affinity with animals that preceded Francis of Assissi.