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Vezdin's best known work is Systema brahmanicum liturgicum, mythologicum, civile ex monumentis Indicis Musei Borgian Velitris , Rome , dealing with literature, mythology and civil order of brahmanic India, customs and the way of life. His most interesting and most popular work is his travel-book Viaggio alle Indie orientali , Rome He also published two philological studies about connections between Hungarian and Laponian languages. In Vezdin's image was carved into the white marble memorial plaque in the City Museum of Trivandrum, the capital of the Indian state of Kerala.

He is considered as one of pioneers of European indology. About twenty of his books were published already during his lifetime. Some of them were translated into German, French, English and Swedish. Among scientists studying seismology the famous Moho-layer or Moho-discontinuity of the Earth is well known. It was named after the great Croatian geophysicist Andrija Mohorovicic born in Volosko, , professor at the University of Zagreb. His discovery was essential for understanding the inner structure of the Earth and the behavior of seismic waves. Together with the theory of forces due to Rudjer Boskovic , this is probably the greatest achievement in the history of Croatian science.

Two Croatian names appear on the map of the Moon. The name of Rudjer Boskovic was given to a mountain on the visible side, and the name of A. Mohorovicic to a mountain on the dark side of the Moon. Andrija Mohorovicic , links. As a son of my homeland I feel it is my duty to help the city of Zagreb in every respect with my advice and work Smatram svojom duznoscu da kao rodjeni sin svoje zemlje pomognem gradu Zagrebu u svakom pogledu savjetom i cinom; photo.

Zvonimir Janko , professor of mathematics at the University of Heidelberg, is a well known name among experts in the theory of finite groups. He discovered sporadic groups named J1 discovered in , more than century after the first sporadic group , J2 , J3 , and J4 in his honour there are altogether 26 sporadic groups. The discovery of J1 launched the modern theory of sporadic groups.

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About his research he delivered one among four plenary lectures at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Nice, France, Agabekov SA is world's famous company seated in Geneva, Switzerland, dealing with exterior lighting design. His products have been used to cover with soft lighting such buildings like photos by kind permission of Mr.

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Youri Agabekov :. His company, Agabekov SA, has 80 representatives throughout the world. Here is the logo of the company devoted to his wife Branka:.

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The service of buying parking tickets via mobile phones is today widespread worldwide. The service has been conceived and developed in Croatia. Gjuro Baglivi born in Dubrovnik , was a professor of anatomy and theoretical medicine in Rome Sapienza already at the age of 28, and the Pope's physician. He developed a theory that living fibre was the anatomical and physiological element of all pathological processes fibral pathology. He also had some essential discoveries in the fine structure of muscles.

His collected works written in the Latin language had more than 20 editions, translated into Italian, French, German and English. Baglivi was also a member of the Royal Society in London. In he arrived to Zagreb, and settled in Janusevac near Brdovec, the most beautiful Croatian palace at that time. He was a good friend to Ban viceroy Josip Jelacic. In his letters Corberon wrote about Croatia as his second homeland, about dangers of intensive magyarization in his letters to the Hannover king Ernest August I written in French in turbulent years around His generous material support of various Croatian institutions persuaded him to leave the palace of Janusevac, and to settle in Bisag, in Draskovic's palace near Komin.

As a witness of epidemic of typhus and cholera in Croatia in he asked the Austrian monarchy officials to open the Faculty of medicine in Zagreb, suggesting its precise structure.

Unfortunately, the faculty of medicine was opened only in According to his last will, he was buried in Croatia in Bisag. How much he loved his new homeland can be seen from the fact that also according to his last will even obituary notices in his native Troisseraux in France had to be printed in Croatian. See Alojz Getliher, Marulic 3, Zagreb, , pp Mirko Drazen Grmek , born in Krapina near Zagreb, was professor of history of medicine at the University of Zagreb, where he founded Institute for History of Science, and directed the first Croatian Medical Encyclopedia.

In the international scientific journal Eureka called him physician of the century. The journal portrayed him with the following words:. In memoriam to professor Grmek. Jacques Le Goff His portrait busts of women represent the highest achievement of the Quatroccento sculpture.

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His disciple was the famous Donato Bramante. See [ Gregory Peroche ], p. It contains 15 hand-drawn maps of various sizes, 2 sheets of coastal contours, water colour drawing. This unique Atlas, kept in the National and University Library in Zagreb, is according to presentation given by the British Library follow the above link of outstanding artistic and scientific value, and is a contribution to the scientific, cultural and historical accounts of the Croatian coast.

Their 4 sculptures and bas-reliefs can be seen in the first hall. It is interesting that Renaissance art appeared in Croatia about a hundred years earlier than in France. In the fine arts of our time probably the most famous is the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic , who created masterpieces, many of which are dedicated to the history of his motherland.

You can see them in the Mestrovic gallery in Split and in Croatian capital Zagreb. He also created. Matej Bencur spent a part of his life in Croatia on the island of Brac and wrote a book about the life of the Croatian emigrants in South America. Mestrovic's sculpture representing Croatian ban and bishop Petar Berislavic killed by the Turks in was exhibited on the central square of the city of Trogir.

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During the Italian Fascist rule the sculpture was destroyed. In a replica has been installed on the same place. Petar Berislavic was a close friend to a famous Croatian writer Marko Marulic , who described his tragic death. The grave of Mestrovic was desecrated by the Serbs in his birthplace Otavice during the occupation of the Krajina region. Some of the original pieces of art from the Mestrovic Mausoleum were damaged, and some were stolen and transported to Belgrade. The head of that suffering Church is Cardinal Stepinac , my compatriot, my dear friend, of whom I and all Croats are proud.

I am sure that our feelings are shared not only by all the Catholics throughout the world but also by all men of goodwill everywhere who cherish freedom of spirit Please, do not miss the following deep thoughts of Ivan Mestrovic, as if written today taken from Zeljko Skropanic web site, see the complete text :. There are more and more people today who have come to the conviction that one of the main causes of the tragic events of the recent past, as well as those which loom on the horizon, is the fact that modern man has all but forgotten the great teachings of the Sermon on the Mount [The Bible, Mathew ].

The blame for this rests not only on our contemporary despotism, but, unfortunately, on a long list of talented men of science and art who have not foreseen the corroding complications and destructive consequences of their doctrines.

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This atmosphere of unbelief, this tragic state of man cut off from the very axis which holds and moves everything, has had repercussions on all domains of human activity, including that of art, which in the most significant periods of civilization worked hand in hand with religion - an ennobling and spiritualizing factor in human life. Christian civilization, in our days, finds itself locked in a mortal struggle with the forces of secularism in varying forms and degrees. Many people fail to realize that Christianity, by waging the fight for its principles, defends also the foundation of the democratic way of life; for the concept of the dignity of each man and the equality of all men stands and falls with the Christian view that man is created in the image of God.

Thus the Church is in the front lines of the battle against the onslaughts on human freedom. A moment ago, I mentioned my wood carving of the scene of the Crucifixion. The piece of wood on which I carved the Crucifixion has an interesting story which I would like to share with you. I was in Geneva, Switzerland, when I was seized by the desire to carve the Crucifixion.

Every available oak had been bought by the factory that manufactured rifle buts, presumably for both warring sides. I had a hard time to acquire from the factory a few boards for relief. I was unable to get the whole piece of the trunk because they had all been sawed up. Finally, I discovered one trunk that had not been sawed off; it was withered and had stood with its roots in the soil and was not considered good for rifles because it was assumed that the wood was probably decayed. When I started to work on it, I discovered that it was solid and whole.

The lumberman told me that it had been imported.